Volunteer with Grassroots Law Project

Help us respond to the crisis of state-sanctioned racial violence by joining our team of grassroots organizers and legal experts committed to transforming the American criminal legal system. 

Every day, people - the vast majority of them people of color - are wrongfully arrested, convicted, beaten, and killed by members of law enforcement, prosecutors, and the people they protect. We’re building a team to take the fight for justice to every elected and appointed official in the nation to end the policies at the root of this crisis, and to do the complex legal work, advocacy and research it will take to sustain this fight for as many people as we can. Together, we will apply our skills and resources to address the most egregious cases and to mount massive campaigns to protect one another, and advance social justice initiatives quickly and effectively. 

Thank you so much for your solidarity and for stepping up to help fight injustice in our justice system. We can’t wait to work with you!